Auto Accidents

There are thousands of auto accidents each day. Even though they may be called accidents, someone is almost always at fault. In the huge majority of accidents, the cause is driver error. Most of the remaining number are equipment failures caused by the negligence of auto manufacturers or third party equipment suppliers. When an auto accident results in property damage or injuries, the party responsible for causing the crash is responsible for making other parties whole.

Auto accident damages generally include:

  • Medical expenses from emergency transportation to the hospital and the treatment of injuries
  • Rehabilitation expenses from ongoing medical treatment, follow up visits, and long-term care in the case of disability
  • Lost wages due to time off of work for medical care
  • Lost earning capacity if accident injuries result in a permanent disability that leaves the victim unable to return to their previous job
  • Pain and suffering in case of especially severe injuries such as burns
  • Loss of consortium to a surviving spouse if the accident resulted in the victim’s death
  • Punitive damages where the at-fault driver’s conduct was especially egregious

Most auto accident claims are handled through the insurance companies. In the case of a minor fender bender with no injuries, this might be fine. However, getting full compensation for serious injuries, extended medical treatment, lost time from work, or the diminished value of the car can be an uphill battle. Insurance companies focus on quickly resolving claims to keep their own profits up, and don’t always fight for every last dollar that you might be entitled to. For help evaluating an insurance settlement offer or if you think you might need to go to court to receive full compensation, contact the Moloney Law today. We serve D.C. and surrounding communities including Maryland and Virginia.